Our Logistics division is designed with the combination of full mode 3 PL operations of Ocean, Air and Ground transportation which will facilitate our valued customers in every aspect of their shipping needs. We operate everything with utmost sincerity, integrity and dynamism to satisfy and facilitate our ultimate customers.

Euromaxx is committed to ensuring that all logistics services offered are planned and implemented in a manner that neither impairs the health, safety or welfare of our employee, subcontractors and the general public nor causes damage to the environment as we developed and implemented it with a very comprehensive concept.

The logistics infrastructure exists to support and enhance the operational and procedural process by securing and managing effectively and efficiently optimum facilities, client requirements, material, and inter-service support resources: and ensuring that customers are satisfied with the service, work procedure, dealings and business ethics.

Euromaxx is a 3PL Logistics Company that provides outsourced or third party logistics services to our clients at every corner of the globe. We offer a unique and unwavering transportation in all modes and warehousing services to our valued clients that can be customized in accordance to their needs.


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